Catherine Zeta Jones – Up and Downs of Marriage

When she walked down the isle of the most expensive wedding at the time 15years ago, Catherine Zeta Jones made headlines. Not only because she married a man, Michael Douglas, 25years her senior but also because of the stylish way she dressed for her wedding with a breath taking tiara that she pulled off effortlessly.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas
Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

However, in a sad twist of fate this marriage almost went to the dogs in 2013. When asked what had gone wrong, Michael Douglas admitted to having taken her for granted. That and the fact that both were diagnosed with serious ailments that could put any marriage to test: Douglas was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue while Zeta had a bipolar disorder.

Luckily, that did not happen as the couple are said to have mend their relationship. They could be seen in various red carpet events holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. Recently the couple together with their two kids have been seen to spend a lot of time together in events ranging from Super Bowl to the Met Gala dinner and ski resorts in Canada. Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband have also been seen to be wearing their wedding bands! Moreover, sources said that the couple is said to have purchased a multi-million dollar home as they try to work out their marriage.

But what could have sparked this new romance?

When the couple were taking a break in 2013, Michael Douglas was said to have mentioned that just because people are going separate ways does not mean that they have to part ways forever. However, Douglas went ahead and appreciated his wife publicly during his acceptance speech at the Emmy’s award gala. Michael Douglas also confessed his love for his beautiful wife in his acceptance speech during the Golden globe awards. Catherine Zeta Jones’ beauty secret – plastic surgery!!

Katherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery before and after
Katherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery before and after

But that is not the only thing that Zeta is known for, her acting career is what brought the welsh actress to the spotlight to begin with. Having featured in small plays and movies, Zeta finally got her big break when she acted in the Mask of Zorro in 1998 after which she got into many movies of note. Nevertheless, she has won an academy award, a BAFTA and 2 screen actors’ guild awards for her role as a supporting actress in the Broadway musical Chicago. However, it was not until 2009 that she won her first Tony award through a musical as the leading actress in a musical.

More recently, Catherine has featured in amazing movies such as Red 2 in 2013. Her upcoming movies include the Dad’s Army and the Godmother both scheduled for 2015, the year that she is said to be getting back with her 15 year sweetheart. Clearly, 2015 is looking up for this actress.

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Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine Features

Cardio and strength training are the core areas of any workout. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine is designed to help you achieve these key areas of your work out. It is designed to deliver high intensity workouts that are of low impact and target all muscles of the body including abs, thighs, arms, legs, and buttocks. For this reason, it can be used to lose weight, keep in shape or even tone. This rowing machine is easy to use with many attractive features. These features include:

Pivoting or rotating foot plates – these are rotating plates that can be adjusted to a position that will help you achieve your desired goals. They allow for leg stretching and folding at your most comfortable position.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Solid precision beam – This is made up of aluminum and allows the machine to be durable. The frame is made of steel which is a plus in durability.

Rowing arms – This rower contains two arms quite different from the other traditional rowers that contained pull on chains. These arms have different hydraulic piston resistance levels that will give different levels of workouts. Moreover, the resistance levels can be easily adjusted through buttons. An interesting twist to this machine is that it not allows the handles to be pushed outwards adding variety to the workout.

The rowing system – Like any other high end equipment, Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine is of high quality and makes no funny noises while in use. It also puts in use a unique rowing system that prevents any strains on the body.

Foam grips and textured handles – these not only provide a firm grip on the rowers but also protect the hands from unwanted friction.

User interface/Monitor – This is a wide screen located at the front of the rower near peddles where it is easy to look at. This display helps you keep track of your progress form the number of calories burned to distance covered and speed among other key information.

Folding oars – These as the name suggests can be folded up when not in use and stored at the most convenient place. Avoid storage in dusty places that can mess up the system functionality.

Comfortable seat – The seat of Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine is padded and many have termed it as comfortable. The seat glides over a ball bearing system that renders the machine smooth and comfortable to work out on.

Weight and height capacity – The maximum weight that the machine can hold is 250lbs. the machine is ideal for people over 5 foot 3 inches tall.

The Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine is an easy to use, cost effective machine that will not only challenge you but also let you have a wholesome workout. It is designed to put the least strain on the body while achieving the maximum results.

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Breast Augmentation – Surgery Details and Cost

Breast augmentation surgery is also referred to as augmentation mammaplasty. It is a surgical process performed to; improve symmetry of the breasts, enlarge breasts that are naturally small, reduce sizes of breasts that are unusually large, restore the breast shape and size after weight loss or breastfeeding and restore breasts as treatment especially after operations like that for breast cancer.

Breast Augmentation

Most candidates for breast augmentation are undoubtedly women. It is believed that most women have their self-esteem boosted when they look their best. One of the procedures that improve their physical appearance is breast augmentation. It also helps them appreciate their sexuality thereby giving them positive feelings about themselves.

Women opt for breast augmentation for a number of reasons. While others go for surgery to correct certain anomalies in their physical features, most do it to obtain a more youthful look. Being a celebrity has a lot of demands on individuals. Actors and musicians have to look their best every time they make a public appearance. To win public applause and gain recognition for certain roles, celebrities have been known to go to extremes with body alterations. Women alter the shapes of their breasts as a way of obtaining a more feminine as well as sexy look.

An example of breast augmentation is seen in Nicki Minaj. Just take a look at how Nicki Minaj looked before plastic surgery and compare it with her current pic -

An individual wishing to have this procedure done on them has to get certain answers to the most common questions before finally making a decision. To be even safer, watch an animated video to learn the procedures in greater detail. Having information beforehand is necessary as it makes you more comfortable when talking to your surgeon. It also makes coming to a decision easier.

As soon as you have decided to have an alteration on the breast, you will be put under anesthesia. Patients have a choice between local or general anesthesia. For the local anesthesia, the patient stays awake during the procedure, while the surgical area is numbed.

In most cases however, patients are operated on while under general anesthesia. After anesthesia, the surgeon may have the following incisions made on the patient depending on an earlier agreement; transaxillary incision made in the armpit, periareolar incision around the nipple and inframmammary incision made under the breast. The choice for the type of incision depends on a variety of factors; patients anatomy, type of implant and preference of the surgeon as well as patient. After the surgery, there is bound to be pain and discomfort and patients are often advised to stay clear of strenuous activity until after six weeks.

Breast augmentation costs vary depending on a number of issues. The average cost however, is $3,543 according to statistics from ASPS of 2012. This fee does not include operating room facilities, anesthesia, medication etc. Surgeons with more experience may demand more. It is better to discuss the cost before coming to a consensus. A break down for the cost include anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fee, medical tests, breast implant cost, hospital or surgical facility cost, post –surgery garments, medical tests and medication.

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How My Husband and I Lost Weight Together

When my husband, Walt and I met in college, he was as obese as I can remember. I liked him because we had great things in common, eating was a huge part of it. We would often dine at buffets and on fast food chains rather than eat healthy greens or on fancy restaurants when we were celebrating special events such as anniversaries or birthday celebrations. We literally grew with each other. The endless buffets went on and on until he finally proposed.

With hubbyA few years after we were married, I got pregnant with our first child. For the reason that I would have a hard time giving birth with my weight, I cut down on my meals and enrolled myself in a fitness class for pregnant women. Month by month, I had shed a few pounds and by the time I was already set to give birth, I stayed and worked out at home more often.

As soon as he saw the change that I was exhibiting, he switched from carrying extra food in his bag to gym clothes that he could use after work. He must have been jealous with all the attention I was getting from his relatives, saying that he might have been the one who was carrying the baby all along. I devoted most of my time in watching my diet and keeping our child healthy and kicking inside.

When the baby came out, we went out more often for outdoor activities rather than booking ourselves into lunch buffets. When 6 months came, we were surprised that our shirts looked too big for the both of us and that we shopped more for clothes two sizes smaller. Our friends were all asking what our secret to slimming down was. We would joke that it was to impress the gym instructor, but in truth, it was with the help of a supplement that we both enjoyed after watching Rachel Frederickson on the Biggest Loser Show.

Our secret diet partner was an extract called Garcinia Cambogia. According to Dr. Oz, Garcinia Cambogia was first used as a souring ingredient in Indonesia, but since it had the power to treat gastric disorders and is packed with Hydroxycitric acid that burns the excess fats off one’s belly.

The one thing I really liked about this extract was that it didn’t matter if I exercised or not, the HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) was there to melt the fat deposits all day long as long as I kept taking it. And it didn’t cost us that much like most supplements, which was even more beneficial since I was saving up cash for new baby clothes.

I was impressed of how great of a mood he was having every day since we started taking Garcinia Cambogia. Our fights got lesser and he even whistles and hums while he’s fixing the kitchen sink now. I was thinking that maybe it was the HCA in the extract that controlled every inch of change that we were getting to experience now.

I would recommend Garcinia Cambogia to anyone who would like to slim down. But make sure you do your own research about pure garcinia cambogia side effects. Today, even my friends are taking it and month by month, we could see the differences that each one of us got from taking it.

I hope that more people can come across this dietary supplement when they visit their local pharmacy for diet pills. It’s not only effective; it also maximizes the body’s potential for greater things.

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Exercise Routines to Help You Lose Weight

If you believe that you need the services of a great personal fitness trainer and a well equipped gym to lose the weight that has been bothering you then you are dead wrong.

The truth is that there are some great exercises routines which will help you keep fit, stay in shape and build healthy muscle without much trouble. Even when you use Dr Oz diet pills to curb your appetite and help you lose a bit of weight, you need to pair it up with good exercise.

Best Dr Oz diet pill

Here are some routines that you could try out for that toned body:

1. Leg exercise:

Leg exercises are great for toning your legs and thighs because they put many muscles to good use. When your hamstrings and glutes are psyched up with such exercises, you definitely get to lose a lot of calories in the process.

For the most effective leg exercises, you need to stand straight with your hands behind your head. Ensure that your elbows are jutted out your back and your chest is thrust forward. Attempt to sit at your hip point and lower your body by bending the knees. Be sure not to lose the normal shape of the spine while making this movement. Once you are down, take a second or two and then rise up, maintaining the normal arch of your spine to your original position.

2. Push ups

The much dreaded push ups might feel difficult to pull but offer your body immense weight loss benefits. Your shoulders, chest, abdominal muscles, triceps as well as lower back are done a great favour when you choose to do this kind of exercise. When you use a lot of muscles during exercise, then you no doubt get to expend a lot of calories in the process.

Push ups

To get into the perfect push up position, you need to be sure that your hands are beneath your shoulders with your legs spread back straight. As you lower yourself to the floor, the body should be kept in as rigid a position as possible. Your chest should come into contact with the floor. When you rise back up again, the arms should be extended once you are in the original position.

3. Planking exercises

This is a kind of exercise that makes you lose a lot of calories without doing much. At the same time, you get to involve much of the muscles in your body while keeping your body in a solid position.

To perform this kind of exercise, you need to assume the normal push up position. Your shoulder blades need to be kept down and drawn to the back. Your abs have to held tightly. Holding this position for 30 seconds will help you lose a lot of calories. After this time has elapsed, you can pause for a while and then repeat the procedure.

Aside from these exercises, you might wish to remember that using the stairs and walking to work sometimes are great for the body as well. However, if you are just beginning on an intensive exercise regimen, there is need to practice moderation. When your body has still not developed the capacity to keep up with intense workouts, you need not overwork it. Overdoing things can even prove to be catastrophic.

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